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Resume - Magik

Sheri's demo dog, named "Magik" (the "K is for cute), is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.


    Age:     6 years old
    Breed:     Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Duck Toller)
    Coat Colour:     Red
    Eye Colour:     Brown
    Height:     17 inches at the shoulder


  1. T.V. Show "The Vet Clinic"

    In February 2003 Magik auditioned and was chosen for a part in an episode of the T.V. show, "The Clinic" (being filmed in Calgary) depicting the happenings and characters of a busy veterinary clinic.  Unfortunately, due to travel arrangements elsewhere, she was unable to make the film shoot for the part.  However, she was chosen out of 100 dogs!

  2. T.V. Show "The Pet Guys", Calgary

    In the Spring of 2002, Magik and her dog pals were on the T.V. Show, " The Pet Guys" demonstrating games and dog dancing.  Magik opened a segment of the show with her playful antics.

  3. Hallmark Birthday Card

    Picture 6 different coloured pairs of shorts hanging on a clothesline with blue sky and fluffy white clouds in the background.  Inside each pair of shorts is a 5-week old puppy with its head peeking out the top.  The one in the middle in the red shorts is Magik.  The saying says "Put on your Party Pants and have a Happy Birthday!"  Hallmark bought the photo and marketed the card.

  4. Articles Several articles have been written on Magik. They can be seen by clicking on the Articles section of this web site.

  5. Dogs In Canada Magazine

    In May, 2003 Magik's picture appeared in Dogs in Canada for qualifying in the Pre-novice Obedience Trial in Calgary, Alberta.  (See Obedience Accomplishments below.)

  6. Book

    While Magik was performing at the Fall Fair, an artist in the audience who happened to be "an animator" sketched Magik and Sheri "struttin' their stuff" Sheri subsequently purchased the sketch (big surprise).

  7. Artist's Sketch, Salt Spring Island, B.C. (see sketch)

    In 2005, an author contacted Sheri and asked if Magik could play a character in a book entitled “The Time Travel Adventures of Family Day Ray, Roxy and Jasper”.  The book was about a set of boy/girl Grade 5 twins (Ray & Roxy) who owned a dog (Jasper).  They all travel back in time to the year 1905 where they meet various real-life characters and have several adventures.  Magik did, indeed, end up playing Jasper and is now on the cover of the book.
    There is a C.D. that accompanies the book and Magik barks to the beat of one of the songs, making this her first C.D. ever!  The book has been nominated for an Alberta Heritage Award and is being considered for the school curriculum in Alberta.  It is sold in Chapters/Indigo in Alberta.
    Magik cutting her first CD

(see photo on Sheri's resume page)

In February 2003, Magik went to her very first obedience trial.  She won a blue ribbon in the Pre-Novice Category.  It was the first time this category was offered in Canada.   The judge of the competition said that she "takes off her hat to anyone who enters the ring with a Toller", meaning that they are challenging dogs.  The judge was also amazed to hear that we had prepared for our first competition in only 3 months.  (Usually it takes a year to get a dog ready for the ring).  

PERFORMANCES (Dog dancing and tricks)

Magik participates in mini dog shows.  She has run relays consisting of touching a target, going over a jump, through a tunnel, sitting on a chair then back again.  She also shows off her dog dancing with Sheri as her partner and performs tricks to dazzle the audience.  

Magik is an accomplished dancer in the art of Canine Freestyle.  This is a new dog sport which promotes increasing the bond with your dog by dancing together.   This sport is much like ice skating with the spins and jumps and skating converted to the same movements in dog dancing.  Magik is continually learning new dance steps to incorporate into her performances.  She wears costumes and gets out there and struts her stuff.  

Music for Magik's dances:
  • "Do You Believe in Magic?" Lovin' Spoonfuls (tune from the 60s)
  • "Bird Dog", The Everly Brothers
  • "Puttin' on the Ritz" by Tacos

Some performances are listed below.


  • Together with one of her best dog pals, Tally, she toured a number of old folk's homes and wowed them with her tricks and dog dancing.  We completed a total of six visits this winter.
  • Pet Expo - dancing with dogs - 2003 (Stampede Grounds).
  • In 2005, Magik performed at a “Very Big Gig”.  Hundreds of children and parents were present at the book launch where she is on the book cover and Magik did a dance to “Puttin’ on the Ritz”.  It was a challenging venue due to all the distractions, but Magik came through and the kids loved her!

Salt Spring Island, B.C.

  • In the summer of 2002, Magik performed at Everlasting Summer in an outdoor venue with hundreds of people watching.  She also gave two excellent performances at the Fall Fair.
  • Sheri goes into the schools with Magik and lectures on clicker training and gives a demo of Magik’s tricks and dog dancing.  There is mutual infatuation between Magik and the kids.


Magik has taken a number of courses offered by other trainers.  They include the following:
  • Basic Manners Courses - 4 different courses
  • Level II Basic Manners - 3 different courses
  • Canine Freestyle (Dancing with Dogs) Courses
  • Flyball Class
  • Obedience Competition Courses
  • Canine Good Neighbour Course
  • Rally-O Course - Novice and Advanced


Magik is a much-loved dog by her owners (in case you hadn't guessed!)  She is full of fun and wants to experience life.  Her favorite activities are:
  • swimming in the ocean after a stick with her human 'Dad' instructing her;
  • retrieving a ball or other toy;
  • lying quietly with her owners receiving hugs;
  • running along the backwoods trails and chasing the scents;
  • playing games (like hide 'n seek) in the house with her human Dad;
  • having fun goofing around and training - as long as it's not too serious.
  • Kayaking - (see photo and newspaper article under Articles on this website)

If you are interested in this Canadian and somewhat rare breed, further information may be obtained from:


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