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Course Information

Please note: the first night for Sheri's classes is orientation night.  Please leave your pet friends at home.

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The following are descriptions of classes taught at PAWS FOR SUCCESS. To be successful in these courses the owner needs to make a commitment of 10 minutes twice a day, 5 days per week to practise training exercises with their dog. All Sheri's sessions are fun and upbeat and involve a type of training called "clicker training". See a description of clicker training under "Training" on this website.

1. Puppy Kindergarten

This class is for puppies 20 weeks of age or under. It is customary for puppies to have had their second set of shots by Class No. 2 or consent from your vet that you can take this class. For Class No. 1, do not bring your dog as Sheri will go over dog training theory and discuss how the class is formatted so that when you do bring your dog, you'll know what to expect.

Topics covered in this class are varied, but usually include:

  • Crate Training
  • Biting, Nipping, Mouthing
  • Handling/Grooming
  • Socialization to dogs/people
  • Body Language
  • Junior Obedience Lessons including: Getting the dog's attention, Sit, Down, Come, Walking without pulling, Greeting behaviour (not jumping up), Going to a mat.

2. Level I - Basic Dog Training

Level I classes are geared towards the pet dog owner who is looking for a positive dog training approach. Sessions are fun and up-beat with all the basics of obedience covered plus some tricks. Owners will learn hand signals and verbal cues in a stress-free learning environment. These lessons will suit first-time class participants as well as those looking for a refresher course and the opportunity to get your dog to listen in the presence of other dogs. The curriculum will include going deeper into all the commands described in Junior Obedience and more.

This course is packed full of information with lots of hand-outs. There will be written and practical homework. At the end of the course the owner will have a good understanding of dog behaviour and dog training techniques. The course includes a 60-page training manual, clicker, instruction, email/phone support and private lessons at a reduced fee (while enrolled in the course) for behavioural problems not covered in class.

3. Level II - Dog Training - Refining Rover

Level II goes deeper into some of the basics of dog training. This course will incorporate a review of the basics, refine these exercises further and teach the dog to listen in a very distracting environment. Topics will include teaching a precise heel from loose leash walking taught in Level I. More concentration will be put on staying in positions such as sit/stay, down/stay and stand/stay around distractions. The course will teach the owner more attention-getting exercises so that your dog will listen as well as how to recall their dog from major distractions. Depending on the mix of dogs and owners in the class, off-leash exercises may be included. In this course more will be expected from the dog/owner team and there will be some interesting homework projects included, with the owner reporting their progress and experiences to the class. At the end of this course, if the homework has been completed, the owner should see drastic improvement in their dog's obedience and their relationship with their canine friend. As with all of Sheri's classes, there will be an emphasis on having fun and using positive reinforcement.

Prerequisite: A Level I dog training course completed within the last 3 years given by a trainer using positive methods. If you do not meet this requirement, consider taking the Level I dog course below.

4. Dancing With Your Dog!!!! Canine Freestyle

The "official" name of Dances with Dogs is Canine Freestyle or Musical Freestyle. Musical freestyle is a relatively new sport that combines dog obedience and dance in a way that is totally unique and exciting. It blends dog obedience and dance presenting a visually exciting display of handler and canine teamwork. The handler and dog perform dance-oriented footwork in time to the music. Heeling is an important component of freestyle but other movements such as tricks are also expected to be displayed by the dog along with attention, enthusiasm, and a degree of difficulty over and above that which is normally seen in the obedience ring.

In this beginner Dog Dancing Class, owners will learn a number of heeling patterns and steps as well as several tricks to be incorporated into a dance. Owners will be taught tips on how to pick a particular piece of music that suits their dog and how to choreograph their moves to the music. The very last class will encourage a party atmosphere where students will showcase their finished dance.

This class is LOTS of fun and dogs and owners love it!!

Prerequisite: A Level I dog training course completed within the last 3 years given by a trainer using positive methods.


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