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Sheri's Recommend Dog Training Books

General Positive Training Dog Books

Title: How To Teach A New Dog Old Tricks
Author: Dr. Ian Dunbar
ISBN: 1-888047-06-2
Publisher: James & Kenneth, Berkeley, Calif.
Year: 1996

Title: Calming Signals
Author: Turid Rugaas
ISBN: 0967479606
Publisher: Hanalei Pets
Year: 1997

Title: Before and After You Get Your Puppy
Author: Ian Dunbar
ISBN: 1-577314-55-7
Publisher: New World Library
Year: 2004

Books Using the Clicker Training Method

Title: The Power of Positive Dog Training
Author: Pat Miller
ISBN: 0-7645-3609-5
Publisher: Hungry Minds Inc., New York, N.Y.
Year: 2001

Title: Don't Shoot The Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training.
Author: Karen Pryer
ISBN: 0-553-38039-7
Publisher: Bantam Books, New York, N.Y.
Year: 1999

Title: Clicker Solutions
Author: Melissa Alexander
ISBN: 1890948128
Publisher: Sunshine Books<
Year: 2003

Title: Clicking With Your Dog Step-by-Step In Pictures
Author: Peggy Tillman
ISBN: 1890948055
Publisher: Sunshine Books
Year: 2000

Problem Dogs/Reactive Dogs/Aggressive

Title: The Toolbox for Remodeling Your Problem Dog
Author: Terry Ryan
ISBN: 0-87605-049-6
Publisher: Howell Book House, New York, N.Y.
Year: 1998

Title: Culture Clash
Author: Jean Donaldson
ISBN: 1-8888047-05-4
Publisher: James & Kenneth, Berkeley, Calif.
Year: 1996

Title: Dogs Are From Neptune
Author: Jean Donaldson
ISBN: 9-780968-420713
Publisher: Lasar Multimedia Productions Inc., Montreal, Quebec
Year: 1998

Title: Feisty Fido: Help for the Leash Aggressive Dog
Author: Patricia McConnell & Karen London
Publisher: Dog's Best Friend
Year: 2003

Title: Cautious Cannine
Author: Patricia McConnell
ISBN: 1891767003
Publisher: Dog's Best Friend
Year: 1998

Title: Mine
Author: Jean Donaldson
ISBN: 0970562942
Publisher: Kinship Communications/SF-SPCA
Year: 2002

Title: Fight!
Author: Jean Donaldson
ISBN: 0-9705629-6-9
Publisher: Kinship Communications
Year: 2004

Title: Click to Calm
Author: Emma Parsons
ISBN: 1-890948-10-9
Year: 2005

Title: Bringing Light to Shadow
Author: Pam Dennison
ISBN: 1-929242-17-4
Publisher: Dogwise Publishing
Year: 2005

Dog Training - Learning Theory

Title: Excel-erated Learning: Explaining How Dogs Learn and How Best to Teach Them
Author: Pamela J. Reid, Ph.D.
ISBN: 1-888047-07-0
Publisher: James & Kenneth
Year: 1996

Title: How dogs Learn
Author: Dr. Mary Burch and Dr. Jon Bailey
ISBN: 0876053711
Publisher: Howell Book House
Year: 1999

Where to Buy Dog Training Books

Sheri's Favorite Bookstores:
Salt Spring Island:


    • Sabine's Fine Used Books, 3104-115 Lower Ganges Road, Grace Point Square, V8K 2T9 - (250) 538-0025


    • Annie's Book Company, 912, 16th Avenue, N.W., Calgary - (403) 282-1330
      (PS - Also a fine place for a quiet cup of coffee)

Go to where all the dog trainers buy their books at: www.dogwise.com

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